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Monday 8th August 2022 / 10 Muharram 1444

Rising prices of petroleum products: What are the ways to reduce fuel consumption?

Petroleum prices to be slashed by Rs.15-20 per litre only

Prices of petroleum products are skyrocketing in Pakistan as the government last night once again announced an increase in the prices of petroleum products.

The price of petrol in the country has now risen by about Rs 24 to Rs 233 per liter. At a time when inflation is rising day by day and wages are stagnant, rising petrol prices are no less of a headache for the people. Let’s discuss some of the factors that can be used to save a considerable amount of fuel in the car. 

Accelerate slowly

According to experts, if you want to save fuel in your car, never increase the speed of the car all at once but gradually increase its speed. Whenever you want to increase the speed, take a break of at least 5 seconds and speed up later.

Keep the speed of vehicle steady

Research shows that constant change in the speed of the car consumes more fuel. Scientists say that if the driver increases the speed of the car by 75 to 80 kmph every 1 hour, it consumes 20% more fuel every 18 seconds.

Estimate traffic

Research has also shown that the driver should always keep his mind on the road, this not only protects him from many accidents but also reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle because when you are mentally present. When driving, you will know exactly where to increase the speed and where not.

How to apply car brakes?

According to experts, whenever brakes are applied suddenly to reduce the speed of the vehicle, it consumes more fuel, whereas if the same brakes are applied comfortably, fuel can be saved.

Turn off engine in traffic

If you get stuck in traffic, turn off the car’s engine because running the car’s engine continuously consumes a lot of fuel. According to the report, when a vehicle is stuck in traffic, it wastes 300 ml of fuel in 10 minutes.

Keep light weight in the car

According to experts, the more weight a car has, the more fuel it will consume, so it is better to keep less weight in the car as it can save a considerable amount of fuel. According to the report, a medium car consumes about 1% more fuel at a weight of 25 kg.

Turn off AC

The car’s air conditioner requires extra energy to run, and after running it, the car’s engine starts using about ten percent more fuel. The air conditioner has to expend more energy in the beginning because the internal temperature of the vehicle is higher and the air conditioner has to lower the temperature of the vehicle in which case it consumes more fuel. Therefore, it is better to lower the car windows so that the air conditioner does not have to work hard.

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