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Religious parties announce ‘Haya March’

KARACHI: Religious parties, including Jamiat Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, Jamaat-e -Islami (JI) and other parties have announced holding Haya March to counter Aurat March.

In a statement, the religious parties informed that they hold peaceful Haya March in different parts of the country to counter Aurat March.

The Ulema issued a statement to the media after the government allows to the organizers to hold rallies to mark International Women’s Day.

Mufti Abdullah said the government’s consent was a shocking act. Such activities should be discouraged by the authorities, added stressing that this was against the constitution of the country.

Another renowned religious figure Pir Azizur Rehman said the Ulema have no hostility to peaceful protests, they have reservations about crudity.

He said in Pakistan for the last 72 years, capitalists, landlords, and mafias have held Pakistani people their hostage and they wanted to keep away citizens from the ways of Islam.

He said Islam guarantees all rights. A few women are trying to damaging the day. Due to the disobedience of Islamic teaching regime lives of citizens have made a living hell.
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