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Read some healthy tips from Hina Anis – nutritionist and licensed aesthetician

Read some healthy tips from Hina Anis – nutritionist and licensed aesthetician

We may have been trying to eat better for years and just not had the motivation to put it into practice — we can now give it our full attention.

As we begin to return to some sort of normality after the Covid-19 pandemic, we can make a commitment to ourselves to treat our body with more care and attention.  

We spoke to nutritionist and licensed aesthetician Hina Anis about her journey and everything that you need to know about weight management, nutrition, and metabolic disorders.

MM News: What are BMR and BMI?

Hina Anis: BMI (Body Mass Index) is used mostly by health professionals to determine a person’s risk factor for diseases. Meanwhile, scientists use BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) to measure the amount of energy a person requires to perform normal functions.

Actually, I don’t believe in these calculations. Whenever my client comes to me and puts this calculation in front of me, I tell her to forget it. Because your weight should be in proportion to your mental and physical health. I practice holistic nutrition and have learned ayurvedic nutrition.

MM News: How difficult is it to motivate your client for a particular healthy diet?

Hina Anis: It’s not at all difficult. I am a role model for others. I have spent most of my life in USA, London and other countries, and everywhere no one calculates from BMR and BMI. In Pakistan, people are being told to eat two boiled eggs in morning, diet biscuits, brown bread etc. It’s not at all your lifestyle. I always recommend a healthy diet to my clients, which means they know how to lose weight by eating properly.

MM News: Do you recommend KETO diet to your clients?

Hina Anis: When KETO diet was introduced, it was for cancer and Alzheimer patients. Cancer cells need sugars to develop, which are present in carbohydrates, fructose and other things. And here we started using KETO for weight loss. When we used KETOs for weight loss, it increases uric acid in our body that develops gout disease.

MM News: What are good and bad Fats?

Hina Anis: Not all types of fat are bad for the body, Allah Almighty has hidden fat in all kinds of food; we do not need to take artificial fat.

MM News: Sometimes painkillers do not work. Why?

Hina Anis: When coronavirus outbreak started, it did not affect Pakistan as much as it did in other countries, because the immunity of Pakistanis is better than the people of other countries. We never used natural painkillers. Take turmeric, which can cure your joint pain as well as your headache. But unfortunately, we don’t use it. We have been taking Panadol, Disprin and Brufen for years.

MM News: A lot of people recommend brown flour and bread? Your view in this regard?  

Hina Anis: Whether it is normal flour or brown flour, if you have to skip the flour, you have to use it, you don’t have to skip the flour using brown flour, and if you have to skip the rice, you have to use millet.

MM News: Which salt should we use in our homes in general?

Hina Anis: You should use Lahore Punk Salt, because it is much better than other salts.

MM News: Desi Ghee or Vegetable Oil?

Hina Anis: In my opinion Ghee is better, vegetable oil is of no importance. Oil is present in olive and coconut also. Eat more coconut, it is very useful for health.

MM News: Some people freeze meat and chicken for months, is that correct?

Hina Anis: You should freeze chicken or meat for not more than a week and if it is cooked, finish it within 5 hours.


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