Rabri’s journey from India to Pakistan

Rabri, a dessert made of milk cream is a special dish to treat your guests and loved ones. A bakery named Al-Mehran, located in Karachi’s Nazimabad No.3 is famous in making this dish. They are the oldest and masters in making rabri.

The owner of the bakery said the rabri dish originally came from India but the methods of making rabri in India and Pakistan are different. The owner of Al-Mehran said they first started making rabri from Hyderabad. We shifted to Karachi from Hyderabad in 1991, he added. He said since then they are making rabri and people love to eat this sweet dish.

He said there are many sweet dishes but the class and standard of rabri is maintained and people love to give preference to the other dessert dishes. We tried many flavours but the Pista flavor rabri is our favorite item which has demand in the area. 

Making rabri is a task for skilled and experienced confectioners. Cream-rich milk is condensed on low heat. The milk needs to be stirred continuously to prevent it from burning. The layers of cream formed are constantly stirred, without breaking them, to the side of the pan.

He said we make the rbri dish in a unique way that’s why our rabri is unique. “We are charging Rs900 for one kg rabri, while the price of rabi in Karachi is normally above Rs1000.”

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