PSX sees highest trade volume of year, crosses 36,000 points

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) surged on Thursday as the KSE 100 index surpassed the 36,000 points level in intra-day trading.
The indices surged by 141.73 points soon after trading resumed and continued on an upward trajectory throughout the day. The KSE 100 index eventually gained 447.28 points and closed at 36.190.70.
Bulls returned to the stock market as the number of shares traded in intra-day trading increased tom 333.335 million valued at Rs12.805 billion.
The PSX issued a statement stating that stock market witnessed total trade volume of 599 million shares which is the highest in 2020.
The lower bench KSE 30 index gained 243.03 points (1.57%) and closed at 15,675.77 points. The total of scripts traded at the lower bourse were 184.604 million.
Overall market volumes appreciated from 317.68 million shares in last session to 466.70 million shares. Out of the total volume 333.05 million shares belonged to KSE 100 index.
The KMI 30 index also surged by 717.31 points (1.26%) and closed and 57,597.86 points, while the All-Share index gained 252.51 points (0.91%) and closed at 28,815.29 points.
The top active stock were Unity Foods (UNITY 8.51%), Pak Elektron, (PAEL 3.86%) and TRG Pakistan (TRG 1.85%). They traded 40.652 million, 39.604 million, and 38.452 million shares, respectively.
The sectors contributing to KSE 100 index included Banking sector (+218.50 points), Oil and Gas Exploration sector (+79.56 points) and Power Generation and Distribution sector (+48.20 points).
Company wise, Habib Bank Limited (HBL +55.86 points), Hub Power Company Limited (HUBC +42.90 points) and Pak Petroleum Limited (PPL +34.72 points) were top points contributors. The Banking sector gained +2.88% in its cumulative market capitalization.
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