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Tuesday 3rd August 2021 / 23 Zulhijjah 1442

President Alvi hails development package to address Karachi’s issues

ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi has hailed a historic package of Rs 1100 billion announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan for the city of Karachi.

On a social media website Twitter, Dr. Arif Alvi said, “A good package worth Rs1100B for Karachi & further discussion on needs of rest of Sindh is a welcome response”.

“Rains have devastated Karachi which is the biggest taxpayer of the country. Reviving its economy rests on its infrastructure, its roads, water supply, rain drains & sewage” he added.

President Alvi further said better solid waste handling and modernization of transport, through KCR & BRTs have been crying out for attention.

“PPP/PTI cooperation in earnest can do wonders to lift my city out of misery. Now our test will be in implementation. We must understand that it is the people who matter”, he said.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a ‘historic’ relief package worth Rs1.1 trillion for development projects in Karachi, saying that the package will address the chronic municipal and infrastructure issues of the country’s financial hub.

Giving details on the development package, the premier said that it will be a three-year plan with the first phase of the plan to take a year while the rest will be implemented in two years.

He also pointed out that floods caused by heavy rains have hit not only Karachi but Balochistan, interior Sindh, Swat, and his own constituency of Mianwali. “I would have arrived in Karachi earlier but we had to make a structure,” he added.

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