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Popularity of arm wrestling increasing in Pakistan: Adil Mujaddidi

Popularity of arm wrestling increasing in Pakistan: Adil Mujaddidi

Sports are universal for their versatile benefits. Not only can sports help to strengthen bones and tone muscles, but they can also help people improve their academic performance and teach them the value of teamwork and discipline.

When it comes to sports, people of our great nation are very passionate! Our young people are participating in various sports activities and making and putting Pakistan at the victory stand.

One such young man is Adil Mujaddidi who is inspiring many from his performance in bodybuilding and arm wrestling. MM News had an exclusive interview with Adil Mujaddidi, who has won golds in both sports.

MM News: Why did you choose arm wrestling?

Adil Mujaddidi: Initially, I was a bodybuilder. Once a professional arm wrestler was working out at a gym and I felt he was not exercising properly. When I confronted him, he told me that he was practicing arm wrestling, not bodybuilding.

I was surprised that arm wrestling was also popular in Pakistan. Later, I decided to join arm wrestling and started training regularly.

MM News: Who trained or motivated you in arm wrestling?

Adil Mujaddidi: A renewed Pakistani wrestler and referee gave me a lot of guidance in the beginning which helped me a lot to become an arm wrestler.

MM News: How much power does arm-wrestling require?

Adil Mujaddidi: There is a general perception that arm wrestling requires more power than other sports, but this is not the case. It is true that strength is very important for wrestling but in arm wrestling, it is very important to use technique along with strength.

MM News: How popular is arm wrestling in Pakistan?

Adil Mujaddidi: The popularity of arm wrestling has increased tremendously in Pakistan during the last few years and the trend of arm wrestling is also increasing among the people due to various competitions.

MM News: What have you achieved so far?

Adil Mujaddidi: I have won the title of Mr Sindh in Professional Bodybuilding and Mr Sindh and Karachi in Arm Wrestling. I also won Mr. Sindh in the left hand category of arm wrestling.

MM News: Your favorite bodybuilders and arm wrestlers?

Adil Mujaddidi: In Arm Wrestling, Denis Cyplenkov of Russia and Usman Butt of Lahore are my favourite, while Chris Bumstead of Canada is my favorite bodybuilder.

MM News: How much do sports federations help promote talent?

Adil Mujaddidi: Due to numerous federations in bodybuilding, results often do not come out on merit. However, better work is being done in arm wrestling and more talent can emerge if more attention is paid.

MM News: Your most memorable match ever?

Adil Mujaddidi: My first bodybuilding competition will always be memorable for me. That competition gave me a lot of encouragement. If I had not been accepted in the first competition, I would not be where I am today.

MM News: Is Supplements everything for a bodybuilder?

Adil Mujaddidi: People often attach great importance to supplements for weight gain in bodybuilding which is wrong. I always advise young people to pay attention to their diet. If you think supplement can make your desire physique that’s wrong.

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