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Saturday 4th December 2021 / 0 Jamadilawal 1443

PML-N asks Bilawal to show numbers to back up no-trust motion against PM

LAHORE: PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal has asked PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari to “show numbers” over the plan to move a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan and the government.

“We saw previously in the Senate where we had the majority numbers but despite that, the no-confidence motion was not successful,” the PML-N secretary-general said while addressing a press conference in Lahore today (Saturday).

The PML-N leader further said, “As far as the PML-N’s thinking is concerned, we think if Bilawal Bhutto has the numbers to bring a no-confidence motion then he should certainly show them.”

“There is only one path we should follow, and that is to pursue a decisive long march against this Imran Khan-led selected government,” Ahsan Iqbal added.

Ahsan said that the PPP’s suggestion of a no-confidence motion was an old one but members of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) alliance deliberate on their suggestions and take decisions through consensus of opinion.

As many as 64 members of the opposition had rose in their seats to approve the motion seeking permission to move the no-trust motion against Sanjrani. However, when it came to secret balloting, only 50 of the opposition senators had voted in favour of the resolution.

Iqbal’s comments come a day after Bilawal had hinted at the possibility of ousting the PTI government through a no-confidence motion. Speaking at a ceremony in Larkana, Bilawal said that the no-confidence move could be tabled against the selected prime minister and speaker.

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