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PM Imran Khan meets with journalists in New York

NEW YORK: Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is in New York to attend United Nations General Assembly’s 74th session will address the countries on Friday.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has openly said that he is on Mission Kashmir in New York. He is scheduled to address UN General Assembly on Friday. He aims to draw global attention to the emerging humanitarian crisis in the Occupied Kashmir. 

PM Khan, while interacting with the Editorial Board of leading US daily the New York Times, said in his address, he will ask the United Nations to intervene to address this issue, reported by Radio Pakistan.

The PM has asked the editorial board that if the UN is not going to intervene then who else can interfere and stop the atrocities in Kashmir.

Imran Khan said he would ask the United Nations to play its role, warning that it is too risky to allow tensions to escalate between Pakistan and India as both are nuclear states.

He stressed that it is the UN’s duty and it should intervene and send an observing mission to Indian occupied Kashmir.

He said India’s irrational behavior is out of its arrogance, and against its own interests.

Imran Khan urged the world to understand that the situation in Kashmir can go horribly wrong at any moment in the future.

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