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‘PM calls on business community’, urges to pay taxes

‘PM calls on business community’, urges to pay taxes

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has called on the business community to pay taxes for the sake of country’s prosperity.

Addressing a gathering of heads of trade organizations, PM Imran said that Pakistan is one of the lowest taxpaying countries in the world, adding, “if the people won’t pay taxes then how would the country progress?”

PM Imran criticized the previous government for wasting the public money on their lavish lifestyle and said that this is the reason people weren’t willing to pay taxes.

The premier said that he is changing the culture starting by himself, adding that the expense of PM House has been reduced by 40%. He said, “I live in my own home, pay my own expenses. My salary is not enough to fulfill my own household expenses.”

He also said that foreign trip expenses were 10 times lesser than the previous leaders.

PM Imran also stressed the need for the business community to raise country out of the crisis, adding, “Nations can only rise when the whole nation is united.”

He said that in the first year of the government half of the amount collected through taxes went towards payments of loans and interest acquired by the previous government, adding that many other sectors needed improvement but that would be only possible if the government had the funds.

PM Khan concluded that the government is continuously trying to figure out how to remove obstacles in the way of business community.

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