Physically challenged man appeals for job from disabled quota

ISLAMABAD: A physically challenged man has appealed to authorities in Islamabad to give him a job from the disabled quota.

Kashif Khan, who belongs to the Lohi Bhair area of Punjab, is born without legs, but despite disability, he never begged or allowed his disability to become a compulsion in this regard.

While talking to MM News, Kashif Khan said, “I am congenitally deprived of both legs. Ever since I regained consciousness, I have worked hard with my hands. I used to drive a taxi and also worked in different factories”.

Khan said he comes to the metro bus station in Islamabad on a special motorbike early in the morning and sell masks. After working hard all day, he hardily makes a profit of Rs. 300. He said now police forbids him from selling masks at the place.

He appealed to DC Islamabad to allow a disabled person to earn a living by hard work and stop those who unnecessarily interfere in his work at the place.

“To date, I have not received any assistance from any government charity, nor has the treasury provided any assistance to me,” he said.

Kashif appealed to the government of Pakistan to give him a job from the quota for the disabled so that he can work in a comfortable place and feed his family with dignity.





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