Peshawar University makes ‘shalwar kameez’ compulsory for female students

PESHAWAR: The University of Peshawar has made ‘shalwar kameez’ compulsory for female students as reinforced a dress code for students.

According to a notification issued by the university administration, women must wear “white shalwar with kameez of their own choice, while men should wear decent, modest clothes.”

“The dress code is being implemented to lessen the financial burden on the parents,” said the university in the notification.

Earlier, the Hazara University had issued a new dress code for students, faculty members and administrative staff. The notification issued by the university restricts both female and male students from wearing certain clothes as part of a new dress code policy.

The University registrar’s office rolled out the advisory on Dec 29 wherein it has specified the kind of dresses and accessories that will be forbidden on the premises. It had been unpreventable while they cannot wear skin-fitted and torn jeans.

Male students are advised to wear dress shirts and pants with formal shoes or kameez and shalwar with coats, waistcoats and, jackets but are barred to wear earrings or carry long hair.

On the other hand, female students are encouraged to wear Abaya, Hijab, and scarf but the university forbids them to wear jeans, t-shirts, and heavy makeup and jewelry. Female students can wear kameez with full sleeves and shalwar but they are not allowed to wear tights.

The special assistant to the chief minister for higher education Kamran Bangash said “Universities are at liberty to devise their dress code policies; it is advised they do not stray from the provincial authority set targets”.

According to the provincial advisor on education, the new dress-code policy introduced to eliminate a disparity between the rich and poor students.