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Pakistan’s weekly inflation increases by 1.37%

Prices of 24 items increased, cost of five items decreased. (Source: Dawn)

ISLAMABAD: Weekly inflation for the combined group in the period ended on September 10 increased by 1.37 percent on the back of an uptick in prices of essential food items, data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) showed.

The recent increase in inflation took its overall rate in the country to 13.64 percent, while the rate of inflation for the low-income sector has shot up to 17.20%. During the week, prices of 24 items increased, cost of five items decreased, while the prices of 22 items remained constant.

Since January, an upward movement in the prices of essential kitchen items was noted despite the government’s claims that rates of consumer items were declining.

The 20-kilogram bag of flour became expensive by an average of Rs57.85, bringing the average price of a 20kg bag to Rs1,222.7, while the chicken is being sold at 214.47 per kg after its rate went up by Rs15.27.

In addition to this, the price of ghee was increased by Rs4.75, taking the price up to Rs342.66 per kg and the price of onions per kg increased by Rs11.92, taking the price up to Rs214.47 per kg.

The prices of other vegetables have increased on average by Rs5-10 per kg. In addition, fresh milk, yoghurt, mutton, rice, and lentils became more expensive.

The items which recorded a decrease in their average prices include bananas, which became cheaper by Rs2.53 per dozen, and domestic LPG cylinders, which became cheaper by Rs49.70.