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Sunday 14th August 2022 / 16 Muharram 1444

Seven outlandish items that Pakistan Imports

Pakistan’s imports are double than its exports, due to which we are facing an economic crisis, the irony is that Pakistan is also importing some outlandish items like brooms, eggs, etc. Because of importing un-essential items last year, Pakistan exported $25.3 billion, compared to almost double Pakistan’s imports of $56.380 billion.

These outlandish items are: 

  1. Broom: A person might get shocked to know that Pakistan is now importing brooms from other countries. The country has also started importing brooms from Indonesia.                                                                                                                                                     
    Image: Justdial
  2. Carpets: For years, the carpet industry in Pakistan has been playing an important role in improving the country’s economy. The Pakistani carpet industry is the sixth largest exporting industry in the world. But you will be surprised and saddened to know that Pakistan imported $83.6 million worth of carpets in 2021.


  3.  Umbrellas: Pakistan imported $1.39 million worth of umbrellas, walking sticks, and seat sticks last year. In addition, Pakistan imported rubber worth $607.38 million.
    Image: T3


  4. Eggs and Honey: Pakistan has more than 50 million cattle heads and more than 40 million dairy buffaloes, the production of which can be further increased with attention. Despite all this, the country imported $68.9 million worth of dairy products, eggs, and honey last year.
    Image: Shutterstock


  5. Seafood: Pakistan has abundant marine and fishing resources, but in 2021, Pakistan imported $99 1.99 million worth of fish and other seafood.
    Image: Profit by Pakistan today


  6. Textiles: In 2017, textiles accounted for 60% of Pakistan’s exports. In which the woven cloth was a big import. Though Pakistan is basically a textiles exporting country, but in 2021, the country imported textiles worth 170.42 million.
    Image: group enval


  7. Tea: From July 22 to February, tea imports were recorded at 42 423.46 million, compared to۔ 379.31 million in July 2020-February. In terms of volume, tea imports increased by 3.62% during the period.
    Image :Encyclopedia Britannica






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