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No more suspending Pakistanis over IoK tweets: Twitter

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SAN FRANCISCO: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) reached an agreement with Twitter management to ensure no account Pakistani user would be suspended over supporting Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK).
The PTA raised its concerns with the Twitter administration about the biased approach towards Pakistani users in strong words.
The officials of the Twitter website agreed on the Pakistani stance over the issue and changed the procedure of the users’ accounts’ suspension.
According to the agreement, the Twitter administration will contact the Pakistani government in the case of any complaint instead of immediately shutting down the accounts.
The agreement will make an end of unilaterally suspending the accounts of Pakistani users in the future.
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The PTA  also requested Pakistani social media users to report any Twitter account being suspended for supporting the cause of IoK’s freedom movement.
It has been previously reported that a large number of Twitter accounts were suspended by the website’s administration just after Pakistanis expressed solidarity with Kashmiris.


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