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Saturday 26th November 2022 / 2 Jamadilawal 1444

Pakistani man becomes hero in UAE as he returns purse with Dh20,000 to owner



A Pakistani man, who has been working in the United Arab Emirates, has become the hero in Sharjah after he returned an Egyptian woman’s handbag that fell on the road.

According to Arab TV, a 35-year-old Pakistani citizen named Manzar Abbas, who has been living in UAE for ten years, saved an Egyptian family from serious trouble.

It all started when he picked up an unclaimed handbag and found a check for 20,000 dirhams in addition to cash, an identity card, and important documents. Manzar Abbas started making calls by noting his mobile number from the papers.

After making ten or twelve calls, no reply came, then he sent a WhatsApp message that he has received a bag that belonged to an Egyptian woman named Hida Abdul Wahab. She was so worried about losing the bag and in that tension, she missed all the calls from the man. “We were searching for the bag. My mother had gone to university to pay for my sister’s college fees,” said Tariq Muhammad, the woman’s son.

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The second number that Manzar Abbas used on WhatsApp was actually the daughter of a woman who was overjoyed when she received the message and told her mother that she had found the lost bag, then the woman looked at her mobile phone, whereat least twelve calls came from unknown numbers. 

“We are very grateful to Abbas for what he has done for us,” said the Egyptian woman, who has lived in the UAE for 25 years. Manzar Abbas, who works in the school, said, “The happiness that this family has got from my work is a great gift for me. When I returned the bag, I felt very good.”



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