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Pakistan to become world’s 7th largest consumer market by 2030

Currently, 55% of the global consumer class live in Asia (Business Standard)

A report, published on The News. has stated that Pakistan is expected to become the world’s seventh-largest consumer market by 2030.

According to data by research company World Data Lab, Pakistan will add almost 60 million people to the consumer class by 2030. This ratio can cause the country to rise seven spots in the ranking of the world’s biggest consumer markets.

Under current projections, Pakistan will add 56 million new consumers by 2030, for a total of 121 million. This means that in 2030, for the first time, every other Pakistani will be able to spend more than $11 per day.

On the other hand, the 52 million Bangladeshis joining the consumer class by the same year will make their home country rise quickly in the list of the biggest consumer markets, catapulting it from rank 28 into rank 11.

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