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Sunday 23rd January 2022 / 20 Jamadilakhir 1443

Opportunity amid Ladakh Tensions

There has been a stand-off at the disputed border between India and China in the Ladakh region. The Chinese troops have come in about 3 kilometers into South East of the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh. In war frenzy, India wanted to change the system of the disputed area of Ladakh just like Kashmir, but China started resisting and arrested Indian soldiers.
Earlier this month, a scuffle broke out between Chinese and Indian troops in the Himalayan region of Ladakh. The soldiers were engaged in fistfights and stone-pelting, resulting in injuries to eleven soldiers on both sides. A few days later another incident occurred in Sikkim.
If you look at the geography of the region, Ladakh is famous for its beauty and Buddhist culture. The area is also famous for its two largest towns named Leh and Kargil. The majority of Leh is Buddhist, while the population of Kargil is Shia Muslim.
This area is considered a disputed area because it is part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir which is the main cause of dispute between Pakistan and India. In this context, India has repeatedly launched failed attacks on Pakistan.
India is a country that is ready to fight both China and Pakistan and destroy world peace because of its expansionist ambitions. The region is currently divided into three countries due to conflicts as Pakistan managing Northwest Territories (Northern Territories and Azad Kashmir), India Central and Western Regions (Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh), and China Northeast Regions (Aksai Chin and Upper Karakoram).
Both Pakistan and India are nuclear powers and both countries have fought three wars over Kashmir, including the 1947 war, the 1965 war, and the 1999 Kargil war.
Keeping India’s extremism and war frenzy in mind, China has taken the necessary military action to drive India out of Ladakh and protect its Buddhist population, because, the residents of Ladakh had started calling on China for protection and had repeatedly appealed for liberation from Indian domination. The people of Ladakh know that they cannot live in peace with Indian Hindu extremists.
India is now seen as a terrorist country that only protects Hindu extremists. All over India, people belonging to other religions are subjected to inhumane treatment. India is deeply saddened by the Chinese initiative, as the country is not in a position to approach the United Nations on the issue due to its past actions. The country has already been consistently violating UN Kashmir resolutions.
India is also under worldwide criticism for its long curfew in Kashmir and the inhumane treatment of Muslims. By changing the constitutional status of Kashmir, India has violated the resolutions of the United Nations, due to which the sympathy of the international community with India has also ended.
Now, if India wants to take the matter to the Security Council, China has the veto power, and it can veto the Indian request and would throw the resolution in the trash.
Former Army Chief General Pervez Musharraf had not only captured Kargil, an important battlefield but had also forced India to flee Kashmir. But the Pakistani political leadership at the time, seeing obstacles to its rule, withdrew the Pakistani army from Kargil. Once again, Pakistan has a golden opportunity.
In this current sizzling situation, both Pakistan and China can force India to flee from the whole of occupied Kashmir. And with that, both countries can achieve their goals.
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