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Wednesday 29th November 2023 / 16 Jamadilawal 1445

Netflix’s ‘God’s Crooked Lines’: Was Alice really mentally unstable?



God’s Crooked Lines, also known as ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios’ is a Spanish psychological thriller recently released on Netflix.

Directed by Oriol Paulo, the movie is an adaptation of the 1979 novel of the same name by Torcuato Luca de Tena. The is set in 1979, the movie is centered around Alice Gould de Almenara, an intelligent woman who enters a mental asylum situated in Spain to uncover the mysterious death of an inmate.

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She is a private investigator and was contacted by the deceased’s father to examine the case. However, later, the tables around Alice leads the audience on a cliffhanger if Alice was the one who needed actual help? 

Who’s in the cast?

Bárbara Lennie as Alice Gould

Eduard Fernández as Dr. Samuel Alvar

Loreto Mauleón as Dra. Montserrat Castell

Javier Beltrán as Dr. César Arellano

Pablo Derqui as Ignacio Urquieta

Federico Aguado [es] as Doctor Teodoro Ruipérez

Adelfa Calvo

Francisco Javier Pastor as Hombre Elefante

Samuel Soler as Rómulo / Remo’

Why its interesting?

What makes ‘God’s Crooked Lines’ an interesting to watch are the multiple twists and turns. It is almost impossible to trust any one narrative—while Alice is convincing, is she truly a private investigator or is she delusional and wants to believe in a large conspiracy?

Was Alice really mentally unstable?

‘God’s Crooked Lines’ in the end leaves it up to the audience to draw a conclusion. Considering the number of times Alice changed her narrative throughout the movie, it is difficult to trust her by the end of the movie.

Moreover, when the story she had formulated fell short after the visit of Dr. del Olma, she made herself believe that the truth was whatever she wanted it to be, further indicating that she had a distorted idea about reality.

Inshort, ‘God’s crooked lines’ toys with the audience’s mind till the very end, and the inconclusive ending further adds to the mystery. 

Stream or skip?

Honestly, if you have time, do STREAM God’s crooked lines, it’s up to two hours but the twists and turns keep the audience hooked who love the thriller genre.






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