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Nation observes 82nd death anniversary of Allama Iqbal

ISLAMABAD: The 82nd death anniversary of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal was observed on Tuesday to recognize his effort and services for a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Subcontinent.
Prime Minister Imran Khan President Dr Arif Alvi, chief ministers, governors, and leaders of political and religious parties also paid tributes to the national poet in their messages.
Besides, PTV and other private channels and Radio Pakistan also paid special tributes to the great poet for his nationalistic and Islamic services.
He was a great representative of the Subcontinent and one of the key exponents of the Pakistan Movement.
Allama Iqbal had given the idea of Pakistan during All Pakistan Muslim League session of 1930 in Allahabad (India).
He was not just a preacher and a philosopher. He stood for bravery and action, perseverance and self-reliance, and above all faith in God and devotion to Islam.
Iqbal was known for his legal expertise and political ideologies, but his contributions to Urdu literature are unforgettable.
He still remembered in books like, ‘Rumuz-i-Bekhudi’, ‘The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam (1930)’, ‘Zabur-i-Ajam’, ‘Payam-i-Mashriq (1923)’, ‘Javid Nama (1932)’, ‘Pas Cheh Bayed Kard ai Aqwam-e-Sharq (1936)’, ‘Bal-i-Jibril (1935)’ and ‘Zarb-i-Kalim (1936)’.
Allama Iqbal was a great poet, thinker and philosopher who infused a revolutionary spirit in the Muslim youth of the Subcontinent.
His poetry has been translated into English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and several other languages.
Dr Iqbal was born on 9 November, 1877 in Sialkot and died on 21 April, 1938 in Lahore.
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