Nadia Jameel urges all bald persons to accept baldness with pride

Nadia Jamil, who was last year diagnosed with breast cancer, has recently announced that she has defeated the battle against cancer.

KARACHI: Pakistan’s esteemed actress Nadia Jamil has urged all the bald men, women out there to wear their baldness with pride.

In a heartfelt post the actress shared, “I was called all kinds of names but smiled cause the truth is when I lost my hair, I realized I loved my face. I’m beautiful and so are you!” she added.

 Earlier, Nadia Jamil had shared details from her heart-wrenching cancer treatment and shaving her head after chemotherapy.

Turning to Instagram, the actor shared how she had been clinging on to some words from the Quran in the midst of her harrowing journey battling cancer and finding patience.

“The night of Laylatulqadr I was reading Surah Yousaf & the words Fasabirun Jamil stayed w me from an ayat of the Surah. Not just patience…but the patience of deep beauty,” she wrote as she shared pictures of her shaved head. She revealed how her hair had been falling in huge clumps which had been ‘petrifying’ to deal with.

“That night I washed & conditioned it sobbing, w rose smelling shampoo. I knew this was goodbye 2 a part of myself I had hidden behind 4 years. My hair, like many of us, had been my vanity, the face I wanted 2 show the outside world. If it wasn’t looking good I felt nervous, bad about myself,” she shared.

“I have to admit it was an ugly death. That night I laughed & cried w the woman in the mirror. She looked quite crazy. I looked like an electrified laama. Wayne’s World meets Malang Baba,” she wrote.

Jamil reminisced how she had prayed that night for the strength of character, to become a better parent and adult while also learning to put herself first. “I prayed 4 strategies 2 end my relationship w loneliness & fear, that stems from child abuse. & I prayed 4 my creativity 2 be blessed,” she said.

“I looked at my eyes, my smile. This is Nadia Jamil. I held her hand & we marched off 4 #chemotherapy. That is another story,” she said.


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