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Sunday 14th August 2022 / 16 Muharram 1444

Mukesh Bhatt sheds light on why recent Bollywood films are not working

Recently there are many of the big banner movies that have been seen tanking badly at the box office, and according to Mukesh Bhatt, the reason behind the same is that the audience now needs more than what was being served to it before the pandemic.

During an interview, Mukesh Bhatt said that the narrative must change, as in the pandemic the audience has seen really good content on OTT. He said that one can’t keep serving the same content to the audience, which was served before the pandemic. The generation has changed, and if the film industry doesn’t change with it, then they will be left behind.

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He further added that Bollywood today is making setups and setups don’t work, films do. According to Mukesh Bhatt, now everything is just about trade. Everyone is busy figuring out what budget to put in, how much return to expect, and how much of it to keep. It’s turning more into a con game, and the honesty is gone.

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