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Tuesday 31st January 2023 / 7 Jamadilakhir 1444

Mohammad Asif regrets not getting second chance over spot-fixing

KARACHI: Former cricketer Mohammad Asif has expressed regret that he had never received a second chance after being banned over spot-fixing.
While giving an interview to an American-based sports channel, Mohammad Asif revealed that players indulged in spot-fixing even before and after him, but Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) never tried to save him.
Asif asserted, “I think whatever happened it had to happen and that is okay. Everyone has regrets in their life and a few want to talk about them, but I think I am fine. Everyone makes mistakes and I did too,” he stated.
Regarding spot-fixing, he said, “Most of the players involved in the act were given a second chance, however, there are few who never got the same treatment as me. PCB never tried to save me regardless of the fact that I am the kind of bowler who was highly regarded by everyone in the world.”
“But anyway I am not sitting around brooding about the past or hung up on it,” Asif said by adding, “The former cricketer said that the only thing that matter to him now is that he made his career count.
“Even today, so many years later, the best batsmen in the world still remember me and they talk about me. Just think how big the impact was that I had on the world. So this is what makes me proud,” he added.

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