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Meet visually impaired siblings who sell homemade foods

The siblings sell homemade traditional and fast food.

KARACHI: Ali Khan Tareen and Fizza Hussain, who are visually impaired siblings, have converted their disability into an opportunity. They are inspiring other differently-abled people to follow their passion.

The siblings, who hail from Karachi, have started selling homemade traditional and fast food. “Being disabled does not mean you should stop achieving your dreams,” Fizza Hussain said while talking to M.M News.  

According to Fizza, she has a passion for cooking. “People who think that visually impaired people cannot follow their passions are wrong. Being disabled does not mean you should stop achieving your dreams.”

Despite being visually impaired, Allah Almighty has blessed me with abilities to maintain taste, quantity of ingredients, and cooking level of food,” she added. Ali Tareen said, “We have to encourage and provide opportunities to disabled persons.”

Ali Khan Tareen, while sharing his experience said, the idea for fast food came after the programme ‘Dining in the Dark’. “At that event, we served people from different walks of life wearing blindfolds. People really liked that idea. After that we started getting food orders,” he added.

He further said, “My sister’s passion was cooking. Then we thought about turning the passion into a profession and start a homemade food business.” Sharing the menu, Fizza Hussain said that they serve Fried Rice, Manchurian, Koyla Karhai, several dishes of vegetables, different burgers, and Biryani (only on Friday).

“If anyone wants to order food, they can contact us on our Facebook or Instagram page, named ‘Khaas Foods’,” Ali Khan shared.

According to Fizza Hussain, her mission is to train visually impaired people and is always ready to facilitate them. “We are also organizing training sessions so that more people can come towards entrepreneurship and cooking,” Ali concluded.