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Tuesday 6th June 2023 / 17 Zulkaedah 1444

Meet the boundary-breaking women of Karachi’s Graffiti scene

KARACHI: Pakistan is blessed with innumerable talented and skilled personalities who are second to none in their respective fields. Pakistani art has been confined to particular domains like Mughal art and calligraphy just to name a few.

Yet, what many people are unaware of is the rise of graffiti art as symbolic representations in a country where artists are motivated to strive for success and recognition.

Graffiti is still a male-dominated art style in a conservative society like Pakistan. However, many women use graffiti as a means of expressing their personal style. Quratulain Ajaz is one daring artist who is giving walls a beautiful expression through graffiti art.

Known as the first female Pakistani graffiti artist, QuratulAin Ajaz, broke the conservative mold in society with her graffiti art at the young age of 17. Taking to M.M News, she said, “Usually women are not appreciated or encouraged to do these kinds of art.”

According to Quratulain Ajaz, her art journey began at the tender age of 8-years-old. She would draw landscapes, animals and human faces. Despite her family’s reservations about graffiti art, Annie successfully used this art medium to beautifully express herself.

“I started copying artwork of others and learned it quickly and my first work appeared in September 2014.” Annie has displayed her graffiti work at four exhibitions within the first two years of gaining recognition.

“The best thing for me is that after my marriage I have the full support of my husband and father-in-law,” she added. The beauty of her graffiti work lies in representing urban society with a rural touch.

She added that honor and fame are not easy to get. “No matter what field you had selected, you have to work hard and it is impossible to achieve anything without hard work,” she concluded.

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