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Tuesday 31st January 2023 / 7 Jamadilakhir 1444

Meet Sikandar whose disability did not stop him from work

Disability is not a weakness but a state of mind. It’s up to a person and his intentions to become weak or strong. Sikandar is the prime example of not letting go of opportunities because of his disabilities. 

Sikandar, who runs a roadside bookstall in Bohri Bazaar, Saddar, Karachi, says that he used to run a fruit business but due to the loss, he has set up a bookstall.

“I always try to make a living by working hard. I never tried to beg,” he said. Sikandar said that the conscience of the beggars dies and once the conscience dies then man can never work hard and always stretches out his hand in front of others. Sikandar said that due to lack of home he sleeps at the bookstall.

“The business at the bookstall was very good a few years ago but now due to inflation the situation has changed a lot and people have reduced their buying of books but I believe in less halal food,” he said.


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