Meet Saqlain Musakhelvi, a rising Saraiki singer

One of the most famous and renowned Saraiki artists Saqlain Musakhelvi recently appeared in an interview in which he talked about many things.

Let’s find out what the top-mentioned Saraiki singer has to say about his highly admired songs which he composes on his own:  

MM News: So, tell me. How are you now?

Saqlain: I am good with the grace of Allah Almighty. How about you?

MM News: I am super good. But I would love to repeat the ‘Jany Wala Sanp Tha’ here. Whether was it a male or a female snake?

Saqlain: It could be anything. You can say as howsoever you want. It could be the male snake or the female snake. I guess it relates to both genders. 

MM News: What are your plans for the future with all your hard-earned money?  

Saqlain: I will continue staying at the same place as I am now.

MM News: How much do you charge per concert?

Saqlain: I charge 2 lacks to 3 lakhs per concert or ceremony.

MM News: Do you have any permanent place to stay or you just like to travel a lot?

Saqlain:  I am always on the move. Some days, I am in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Jhelum, and other days, I am on the way to Karachi.  

MM News: Have anything interesting happened while you are on the journey, like an incident or adventure that has become memorable?

Saqlain: Gone are the days when those interesting incidents used to happen. But yeah, I remember that could be intimidating to share.

It was at the time when I started as a singer and concert ruler. I visited a place to showcase my ultimate art. It was a marriage ceremony in somewhere rural regions of Pakistan.

I went there and before I could start my show, the groom’s father looked at me with his incinerating eyes with a bamboo stick in his hand. It felt like he is going to beat me to death. Surprisingly, he asked me if I know the first six Kalimahs.

He further imposed a situation that I can’t start singing if I don’t get to recite all Six Kalimahs first. The groom came forward and resisted over his father interrogation, but all went in vain. He stood tall to his point.

Over this sort of interrogation, I was bewildered. Because I was there to sing and it wasn’t appropriate to recite Kalimah at the place where you are invited to sing a song.

But I started with first and reached third and he got clearly mad at me, and we all tried our best to get away from that place. That concert went unsuccessful but still remained one of the most memorable and interesting overall and until now, whenever we friends gather, we talk about that incident and laugh out loud all together.

MM News: Whose singers’ song do you love to sing the most?

Saqlain: I love singing the songs of Sidhu Moose Wala (a singer who was shot down last year in India).

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