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Sunday 28th May 2023 / 8 Zulkaedah 1444

Meet Sajjad Ali – A security guard with amazing singing skills

KARACHI: Sajjad Ali, a talented security guard from Karachi, is winning the hearts on social media platforms with his soulful voice.

In the video, the security guard can be seen singing a song of renowned Pakistani singer Sajjad Ali, and it cannot be ruled out that the man gave tough competition to the singing sensation.

Talking to M.M News, Sajjad said, “I have such an amazing voice but still I am helpless, because in Pakistan they don’t have such opportunities and platforms to promote such talent”.

“I tried my best to learn further singing skills but didn’t succeed because of my financial issues. I started doing work when I was 12 to feed my family,” he said.

According to the security guard, he earns Rs18,000 and still facing financial issues. “I often don’t have much money for food, and that’s why I daily walk almost 7 kilometres to reach my office,” he added.

Shedding lights on his name, he informed, “My mother named me ‘Sajjad Ali’ after listening to the famous 80s album of singer Sajjad Ali.” He also lashed out at some media outlets for humiliating and not encouraging poor talented people in Pakistan.  

The security guard expressed hope that he will once get fame due to his amazing singing skill. He appealed to the relevant platforms to provide him the opportunity to show his talent at the national level.

There have been similar other videos in the past showing less fortunate people possessing a great amount of talent and they manage to be popular for some time on social media.

Earlier, a handsome Pakistani tea vendor found overnight fame and won a modeling contract, and owned a music video, after his photo was shared all over the world.

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