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Meet Karachi’s 55-year-old chaulay wala

KARACHI: Chana Chaat, Cholay, Bhel Puri, and all these delicacies are the perfect snack for anyone who takes pride in calling themselves a chitora.

Located at Karachi’s Pakistan Chowk, Iqbal Cholay Wala has remained popular among Karachi’s foodies for the past 55 years. It is believed that for those with a taste for tangy flavors, the lure of Iqbal’s special mix of spicy grams is hard to resist.

Usman, son of Iqbal Bhai, told M.M News that my grandfather had started selling Cholay here. “After my father fell ill, we all brothers and cousins run this business,” he added.

“I top the grams with a delicious chutney, diced onions and chilies like any other vendor. But my secret ingredient is a 12-spice pickle, which has become my recipe’s specialty,” he added.

On being asked, the sellers of the snack say that a plate costs Rs50 each. “We come here for three hours only, from 3pm to 6pm,” he explains. “We are all sold out in three hours anyway,” he smiles.

“We don’t have any name. We are just known as Iqbal Chholay Wala, our father’s name,” he added. “This is the best chaat in the world!” says a customer.


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