Meet Dr. Daulatzai of Islamabad who is fond of keeping antique cars

In the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, there are many people who have some unique passions. Dr. Ahmad Kabir Daulatzai is one of them who is fond of keeping old model cars specially he loves 1974 model foxy vehicles.

According to details, Dr Ahmad Kabir Daulatzai has seven unique and antique vehicles and by his hobby he has proved that one can pay any price for his passion.

 The most modern vehicle that Daulatzai has is the model of 1974. It is called by Vox wagon, foxy and other names. It is generally believed that models of the 70s have become rare.

However, Daulatzai still have all old models. He has spent many years abroad. According to him he has a modern car but the fun that is in old cars in not in the new one.

He said that the first thing is that Vox Wagons and the models of 1974 and earlier are stronger and their shapes are beautiful. In terms of machinery, such vehicles are stronger.

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