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Wednesday 1st February 2023 / 10 Rejab 1444

Meet Badar Raees, chemical engineer turned kite surfer at Karachi beach

Badar Raees, a chemical engineer by profession, has started Kite surfing at Karachi’s Sea View and become the center of attraction for all the visitors.

Fond of doing kite surfacing as a hobby, Badar Raees, has shared that the Sea View beach is the best beach in Karachi and all over the world. According to him, Karachi’s beach is one of the safest places in the world for kite surfing.

In an exclusive interview with MM News, the young chemical engineer shed light on the technical details of kite surfing and said that if safety measures are taken properly then the beach of Karachi is very suitable for this hobby. The wind speed here is very reasonable and kite surfers all over the world are looking for such wind, he maintained.

During the conversation, Badar Raees said that despite being a chemical engineer, he has been doing kite surfing as a hobby since 2010 and his hobby started in Australia. He also shared that he is the second or third kite surfer in Pakistan. He maintained that one of his friends Asif Aziz has been doing kite surfing in Pakistan before him.

Raees also explained that there are different sizes of kites used in kite surfing that can range from 6 meters to 17 meters. Keeping Karachi beach in mind, Raees shared that the kite he is using is 14 meters long.

Elaborating on the technical details of kite surfing, Raees said that when people surf, they feel that there is a lot of pressure on the shoulders while this does not happen, the emphasis is on the back instead of the shoulders.

“When we think there is a danger or a big problem while surfing the kite, we release the kite in the air at the push of a button while our board is in a double direction,” Raees highlighted measures of precaution.

Talking about the size of the board, he said that the bigger the board, the harder it is to control. He believes for surfing, a small board is a great gadget. He said that the beautiful combination of wind speed, direction, board, and kite is the main point of kite surfing.

In Pakistan, this hobby can be very expensive and difficult. If you can swim and control the kite, then you can develop this hobby, he warned. Finally, Raees said that learning kite surfing is a separate technical process without which you cannot become a successful surfer. I have also experience scuba diving under the sea and know that the world under the sea is very beautiful, he concluded.

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