MBA degree holder runs a gola ganda stall in Rawalpindi

Abdul Rauf, a young man who is a qualified MBA, has been selling delicious gola gandas in the commercial market of Rawalpindi.

According to the details, after completing his Masters in Business Administration, Abdul Rauf introduced various flavors of gola ganda including many flavours of it ranging from tooty fruity, dried fruit to ice cream gola; it has a variety of delicious flavours.

Residents of the twin cities come with their families and friends to eat his special gola ganda. Talking to MM News, Abdul Rauf said that he has five siblings including him. “I studied up to MBA and wanted something new,” Rauf maintained.

Abdul Rauf shared that he wanted to do something new and different so that the citizens could enjoy themselves. Some people prefer sweets, so he has innovated seven different flavours of gola ganda.

During the conversation, Abdul Rauf said that our most favorite flavor is ‘Frost gola ganda’. It costs 400 which four people can easily eat. Regarding making gola ganda, Abdul Rauf added that his gola gandas topping is filled with different syrups and flavours. In the end, a scoop of ice cream is placed on top of it.

Abdul Rauf said that in the end, dried fruit is topped on Gola Ganda. “We fully comply with SOPs as there is a lot of rush,” Rauf maintained. In a message to the youth, Abdul Rauf said that no work is small or big, including making gola ganda. “If you start with the name of Allah, you will surely get success. Honesty and hard work lead to success,” this is what Rauf thinks.

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