Maryam Nawaz’s rhetoric

Maryam Nawaz’s demand for a court martial of General Faiz Hameed, the former DG ISI, has stirred up a debate in Pakistan’s political and military circles. Maryam Nawaz has alleged that General Faiz Hameed pressurized the judiciary while deciding about her case and that of her father, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. She has claimed to have proof of his interference and has contacted the court to decide against General Faiz Hameed.

Pakistan is a country with a long history of military rule and intervention in politics. The existence of an establishment is an open secret, and it is well known that the military has played a crucial role in creating and removing governments. This reality is accepted by the public, and it is time to face it. However, the challenge is to find ways to reform the system and make it more democratic and accountable.

The recent example of former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government being removed through a No Confidence Motion has added fuel to the debate. Imran Khan has blamed the military, particularly General Qamar Javed Bajwa, for his removal, claiming it was due to a foreign conspiracy. These allegations have not been substantiated, but they have created an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion.

One of the most significant issues raised in this debate is the compromise of Pakistan’s judiciary over justice. The judiciary’s inability to provide justice to the public and the political leadership has allowed the military to become more powerful. If the judiciary were more powerful and independent, it would be an essential check on the military’s power and prevent interference in politics.

Reforms are needed in Pakistan’s military and political systems to make them more democratic and accountable. The military should be brought under civilian control, and the political leadership should be given more power. These changes would require a long-term commitment, but they would be necessary for a better Pakistan.

Therefore, the debate over Maryam Nawaz’s demand for a court martial of General Faiz Hameed is a reflection of the larger issues facing Pakistan’s political and military systems. Reforms are needed to make the system more democratic and accountable, and the judiciary must be strengthened to provide justice to the public and the political leadership. Only then can Pakistan hope for a better future.

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