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Maryam making efforts to create environment of chaos in the country: NAB

LAHORE: Taking notice of Maryam’s statements, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has said PML-N Vice President was making efforts to create an environment of chaos in the country, besides continuing to give treasonous statements against respectable institutions, judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

NAB said in a press statement termed the remarks an attempt by Maryam to detract attention from ongoing investigations against her. The anti-graft watchdog claimed it was investigating cases related to Maryam’s involvement in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills and money laundering.

After NAB called her in a personal capacity, PML-N Vice President was “making attempts to create an environment of chaos in the country, moreover continuing to give treasonous statements against respectable institutions like the judiciary, NAB, and law enforcement agencies,” it said.

The main reason for these statements was to create barriers in, and influence, the investigation of cases related to money laundering and corruption against the Sharif family besides promoting conditions that were damaging to peace, said the statement.

“All the way through such remarks, Maryam had been trying to escape herself from ongoing inquiries against herself and bring the institutions to a point of conflict,” it added.

Maryam had challenged law and order by giving inciteful speeches the bureau claimed, citing the violence that had erupted during her appearance at the NAB Lahore office in August last year.

A case had also been registered against Maryam and party workers for the clash in which many people, including some officials, were injured, it recalled.

However, the anti-graft watchdog had decided not to summon Maryam “for a while, keeping in view the overall political situation, her political activities and national interests”.

NAB claimed that Maryam had taken undue advantage of the delay by constantly challenging the accountability process. An effort was also made during this time to make fun of the respectable courts’ past judgments, it added.

NAB further said the PML-N leader’s remarks outside accountability courts at different times showed a plan of extremism. This was parallel to giving the public a false impression, according to which NAB’s summoning and inquiring of Maryam were given a political color, read the statement.

NAB considers it imperative to explain that Maryam did not only converse the institution’s petition in the court in a very wrong way but tried to distort the facts, it added.

“NAB is a national institution that believes in taking constitutional and lawful measures on the basis of justice and merit according to its mandate and will carry on doing so,” the statement said.

“NAB is not affiliated with any political party and all its steps are associated with the benefit of Pakistan and its people,” it clarified.

On Monday, PML-N Vice President had questioned the NAB’s move to judge her statements ahead of a hearing of its appeal in the Lahore High Court.

“Who gave you the right to judge statements? Your duty was to evidently stop corruption. Now that you’ve unsuccessful in that, you have distorted your responsibilities?” she said while addressing NAB.

Maryam said the different institutions such as the courts and the army had their own representatives so who had appointed NAB as the spokesperson.