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Thursday 9th February 2023 / 18 Rejab 1444

Mahira Khan prefers Sahir Lodhi over Bollywood’s SRK

Pakistani famous host Sahir Lodhi has been given preference over Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan by actress Mahira Khan.

A short teaser of an interview of Mahira Khan has recently gone viral where she is seen giving an interview in a car. The host asked Mahira Khan several questions and the interview will be released on Eid.

In response to one of the questions from the host, Mahira Khan, while choosing her favorite project, said that her favorite project is her drama serial ‘Humsafar’ instead of the film ‘Bin Roy’.

During the show, the host another interesting question about who Mahira Khan like the most, Sahir Lodhi or Shah Rukh Khan. Replying to this, Khan said that she does not like Shah Rukh Khan but Pakistan’s well-known host, actor, director, and singer Sahir Lodhi. She preferred Lodhi over SRK.

Recently, the Bin Roye star made some interesting revelations about motherhood and how her son feels about her acting endeavours. Mahira confessed that she is a rather lenient mother. When her son was younger, she would make it a point to take him everywhere, including public spaces.

While reflecting on whether her son watches her work or not the Humsafar star playfully revealed that her son loves the trailer for her upcoming feature Maula Jutt, ‘Mama, you must win an Oscar for it,’ Khan revealed.

Further, Khan revealed that she became pregnant with her son Azlaan shortly before she was to start filming for a Mehreen Jabbar drama, and then three or four days after Azlaan was born, Shoaib Manzoor called her.


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