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Monday 6th February 2023 / 15 Rejab 1444

Leadership and John C. Maxwell

Talking about leadership in the 21st century, one name seems to be very prominent, who has done a lot of work related to leadership globally. However, one thing is certain that the need, importance, and utility of leadership have increased in today’s era more than ever.
John C. Maxwell, the American Leadership Expert, is named as the prominent teacher and trainer of the century. He is well-known for his work and expertise in leadership. John C. Maxwell has expressed his love for leadership by writing over fifty books in this regard.
John C. Maxwell said, “I know what happens when people learn to lead better. It’s a life-changing process. I have learned that the development of nations, countries, and institutions depends on the role of leadership.”
Explaining the ‘Law of the Lid’, John C. Maxwell said, “The success of your leadership depends on how you lead. Increase your leadership skills and abilities in order to achieve success.”
The renowned trainer said that people often ask him the same question, “Are leaders born? And I sarcastically reply that I have never seen a leader who is not born.”
The renowned trainer said, “Some individuals possess natural leadership skills, however, according to my experience leadership skills have to be learned.” He also claimed, “I have written the most on leadership in human history. I and my team have trained more than 6 million leaders around the globe.”
The American teacher said, “When I trained people at big companies and institutions, people ask me to make them leader quickly.” In this regard, he said, “Leadership develops daily, not in a day.” He further said, “There is no instant solution that will make you a great leader. You need to work on it every day by making personal development a part of your daily routine.”
“Leadership culture is very important for leadership growth. Organization culture is more important than vision, culture is what we do,” he said.
Commenting on the Law of Process, he said that leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts, it is about one life influencing another. He further states real leadership is being the person others will gladly and confidently follow.
Describing the leader’s DNA, John C. Maxwell said:
A leader sees what others cannot (Opportunities, abilities, goodness, heart, and soul). A Leader feels the way others cannot (Pain, feeling, suffering, love, hate). A Leader says what others cannot (Courage, vision, thoughts, and ideas). A leader does what others cannot (Action, trust, comfort, belief). A leader sets an example that others cannot (service, sacrifice).
Renowned YouTuber Evan Carmichael makes 10 rules based on the lives, achievements, services, and teachings of famous and successful people. He made videos twice on the life of John C. Maxwell. One of his video on John C. Maxwell’ top 10 rules for success suggests:
1- Make today count
2- Don’t live someone else’s dream
3- Change your perspective
4- Make a difference
5- Start moving
6- Shift your mindset
7- Value people
8- Follow your calling
9- Serve
10- Love what you do
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