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Lawyer files petition on behalf of late Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan

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ISLAMABAD: Former Secretary of Islamabad High Court Bar Association Waqas Malik, has filed a petition in court on behalf of late Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.

On Monday, the Islamabad High Court was moved on against the examination regulations 2021, introduced by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). The Former Secretary of Bar Association said that he filed the petition on the wishes of late Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. He mentioned that Dr Qadeer was lamented over the faulty principles of MDCAT because according to him it has destroyed the future of number youths.

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Moreover, the lawyer further said that he had the signature of Dr Qadeer on a power of attorney and the plea, which he wished to file on Monday but unfortunately he died on Sunday. The petition has made the PMC and others responsible. However, the petition further elaborated that use of force against the protesting youths of MDCAT has damaged the image of Pakistan on international level. It further demanded to dissolve the PMC.

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Earlier, according to news sources Abdul Qadeer Khan was not happy with the present rulers who didn’t inquired about him in the hospital as he was the one who had his great part in the sustenance and security of this country by making it a nuclear power state.