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Sunday 29th January 2023 / 7 Rejab 1444

KWSB officials involved in allowing illegal water connections


KARACHI: Several officials of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) have illegally allowed illegal water connections at Landhi Industrial Areas’ General Tyre Road, while conducting a fake operation on a mini-hydrant in Korangi Bilal Colony.

According to details, an anti-theft cell of Water Board conducted a fake operation in Korangi’s Bilal Colony on Monday morning.

On July 26, PTI MNA Faheem Khan had directed the concerned intelligence agencies including MD Water Board, Anti-Theft Cell in-charge Rashid Siddiqui and DG Rangers to take action against illegal water thieves in Korangi.

However, no systematic action was taken against the water thieves due to which the number of illegal money hydrants is increasing day by day.

Meanwhile, instead of conducting an operation against illegal connections in Korangi, the Anti-Theft Cell had started allowing illegal connections. In this regard, Landhi 800 feet road, which was rebuilt by Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah in recent days, has been dug without submitting a challan.

Residents of the area are protesting against the illegal road cutting. Sources have claimed that with the connivance of anti-theft cell officers, including Axin bin Qasim Din Muhammad Shar, Landhi General Tire Road was dug for a water connection and a 2,000 feet long line has been installed.

According to a survey, water is being stolen from the KWSB line from Rind Goth in Bin Qasim, for which the above mentioned line has been installed.

According to the documents received by MM News, Sahibzada Shabbir Ahmed obtained NOC number XEN / B & R / DMC / M 019/2021 from the B&R department of District Municipal Commissioner Malir on July 17 for laying the said illegal line.

According to which the said permit was obtained for the unpaved road while the recently reconstructed 800 feet road was excavated yesterday and the sidewalk constructed with the best piers has also been turned into ruins.

Surprisingly, the order allowed excavation of unpaved road from Al-Jadoon College of Nursing Landhi to Ibrahim Textile while new construction road from Al-Jadoon College of Nursing to Younis 7 was dug and forged by the management of Malir DMC. Is . In this regard, the person in charge of DMC Malir was contacted, they said that the KWSB was allowed for road cutting. 

On the one hand, illegal connections are being made by the Water Board and on the other hand, political leaders Faheem Khan and Raja Azhar are being appeased by conducting demonstration operations so that they do not speak against water theft in the National and Sindh Assemblies.

Instead of stopping the theft of millions of gallons of water per day in Korangi Chico Garden, Juma Goth and other areas, a demonstration operation has been carried out in Korangi Bilal Colony. It was made by Tariq Khattak and Khawaja.

Water was being supplied to various factories in Korangi Industrial Area by stealing government water from a mini hydrant in Korangi Bilal Colony, while residents of the area are longing for a drop of water due to the said illegal hydrant.

PTI MPA Raja Azhar said that PTI regional official Gohar Khattak along with his other relatives were selling public water to factories with the connivance of Korangi Industrial Area Association, which was banned. But it did not leave the abominable mist of water, which is why we have carried out the operation under our supervision.

In this regard, Rashid Siddiqui and XEN bin Qasim Din Mohammad Shar, in-charge of Anti-Theft Cell, were contacted several times to know their position but the said officers did not receive a call.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah was also contacted in this regard. Those who have not received the questions will be included in the report.

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