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Monday 5th December 2022 / 11 Jamadilawal 1444

KU to conduct training courses for LEAs, govt officers


KARACHI: The former additional director general Federal Investigation Agency, Ammar Jaffery has urged Vice-Chancellor of the University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, to arrange seminars, workshops, and training sessions at the Center for Digital Forensic Science and Technology for the betterment and development of the officers of the law enforcement agencies.

Ammar Jeffery, who is the chief executive officer of the Security Expert, also discussed the development of the Center for Digital Forensic Science and Technology (CDFST).

During his visit to varsity, he inquired about literary programs, research work, and investigative learning projects that the Center would introduce in the near feature.

He also was content to know about the professional courses that CDFST tends to introduce and also offers his services aimed at the capacity building with the CDFST, designing and in developing different degrees, diplomas, certificates courses, and syllabus for different people coming from different walks of life.

Ammar Jeffery said that his company would like to sign a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of CDFST on the most modern lines.

They will organize workshops, seminars, training courses, and plan and design training programs in a joint venture in the field of criminology and Digital forensics, the main objective being to produce amazing Human Resources for LEAs, Judiciary, and Corporate Sector in pursuance of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Earlier, the KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi, while expressing his concern, discussed the Society as a whole has become dependent on cyber systems across the full range of human activities, including e-commerce, finance, health care, energy, entertainment, communications, and national defense.

He further discussed that the globally-interconnected digital information and communications infrastructure is known as ‘cyberspace’ underpins almost every facet of modern society and provides critical support for the concerned in the Pakistan economy, civil infrastructure, public safety, and national security.

“Pakistan is especially vulnerable to cyber insecurity because it depends on cyber systems more heavily than most other states,” he added.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi emphasized that the need was felt to also have cross-border associations and for the need to build a Computer Emergency Readiness Team as “Cyber insecurity is a worldwide problem, potentially affecting all cyber systems and their dependent infrastructure”.

“The cyber insecurity can result from the vulnerabilities of cyber systems, including flaws or weaknesses in both hardware and software, and from the conduct of states, groups, and individuals with access to them.”

Meanwhile, the in-charge of the CDFST, Dr Qamar Ul Arifeen, discussed the forms of cyber warfare, espionage, crime, attacks on cyberinfrastructure, and exploitation of cyber systems during the meeting.

He also emphasized the menace of financial crime and showed his concerns about the fate of Pakistan and the challenges that it faces from the world community and Financial Action Task Force.

The meeting got concluded on the decision of signing an MoU between the University of Karachi and Security Experts for the development of the officers of the law enforcement agencies.

Later, Ammar Jaffery visited the Center for Digital Forensic Science and Technology along with Dr Qamar Arifeen.

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