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KE normalises power supply in four hours after gusty winds, dust storm

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KARACHI: Power supply in the metropolis was brought to the routine levels in a record time of almost four hours despite gusting winds and a severe dust storm, which hit the port city on Tuesday.

As per details, K-Electric’s rapid response teams maintained strict vigilance as the city experienced strong winds, along with light rain, in different areas of the metropolis.

K-Electric spokesperson said despite the intensity of the storm, only approximately 400 feeders of KE’s total distribution network of 1,900 were affected, and a majority of these had to be switched off on an emergency basis for safety reasons owing to heavy infestation of ‘kundas’ in the areas associated with these feeders.

The overall power infrastructure remained intact during the inclement weather. KE teams were mobilized as soon as the strong winds subsided, and the number of affected feeders was reduced to less than 100 in a record time of four hours. The spokesperson further said it has been a day with extreme fluctuations in the weather with temperatures varying drastically.

Fortunately, KE’s entire distribution network remained predominantly intact and no loss of life or damage to the city’s infrastructure was reported. Similarly, the localized area faults were swiftly attended by KE teams throughout this time, he added.

In view of public safety, areas with a heavy infestation of kundas were preemptively switched off to protect our customers, KE said, adding  Power supply to strategic installations, including key hospitals, KWSB pumping stations, and the Karachi Airport remained uninterrupted during this period.

He said, “During this extraordinary situation, we also urged the public to stay away from broken wires, refrain from taking shelter under transformers, or standing near electricity poles during rainy and windy weather to avoid accidents.” The power utility also maintained close coordination with the civic authorities, including the office of Commissioner Karachi.

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