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Sunday 5th December 2021 / 1 Jamadilawal 1443

Karachi police arrest 772 street criminals, drug dealers within a week

More than 99 illegal weapons were seized. (Source: Reporter)

More than 99 illegal weapons were seized. (Source: Reporter)

KARACHI: The city police on Sunday claimed to have arrested almost 772 suspects during a crackdown against street criminals, drug dealers and fugitives to curb crime in the metropolis.

According to a statement, the Karachi police have arrested a total of 772 suspects during raids in Karachi’s East, West and South Zones last week. The raiding teams also recovered 70kh hashish, 1kg and 442-gram heroin and 1kg and 389-gram crystal ice from the possession of drug dealers during the anti-drug drive.

More than 99 different types of illegal weapons along with ammunition used in looting and other incidents were seized from the arrested street criminals, the police added.

During the anti-crime operations in the city, 9 encounters were held with the accused. One dacoit was killed and 19 dacoits including 12 injured were arrested in the exchange of fire while eight snatched and stolen motorcycles and 16 pistols were recovered from the arrested accused.

During operations in different areas of the city, the Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) arrested 9 car/motorcycle lifters and recovered 4 snatched/stolen motorcycles and 1 vehicle. Karachi police conducted operations in different areas and seized a total of 41 snatched and stolen motorcycles and 7 vehicle.

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