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Israel signs agreement with Pfizer for coronavirus vaccine

TEL AVIV: US company Pfizer has signed an agreement with Israel to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus, which has been declared a global pandemic. 

Under the agreement, Pfizer will provide its own vaccine after going through all stages of testing. According to Israeli media, it is possible that the supply of the developed vaccine will start by January 2021.

“It’s definitely a great day for us to win against coronavirus,” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told a news conference at the Israeli army’s headquarters in Tel Aviv.

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PM Netanyahu announced that Pfizer will provide Israel with eight million doses of the corona vaccine, which will benefit four million Israelis. He, in a press conference, said that Israel is also signing agreements with other companies and that its main goal is to make every Israeli citizen have access to the vaccine.

According to media reports, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, addressing a press conference, said that we have seen this difficult time together and will come out of this difficult time together.