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Is the price of petrol expected to increase next month?


ISLAMABAD: The price of petrol is expected to increase again in the next month of August.

From 1st August, the public may face an increase in petrol and diesel prices ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 17 per litre, but the increase is estimated to be on the upward side only because the exchange rate has fluctuated.

An increase in petrol prices by Rs. 10 and diesel prices by Rs. 16 to Rs. 17 is estimated without including the petroleum levy.

If the government increases the petroleum levy on petrol by Rs. 5 per litre, then the price of Mogas is expected to go up to Rs. 15 per liter and diesel price to Rs. 23 per litre.

It should be noted that after the reduction in the prices of petroleum products at the global level, on July 14, the government reduced the price of diesel by Rs. 40.54 paisa while the price of petrol was reduced by Rs. 18.50 paisa.

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