Iran-Saudi Arabia friendship and the role of China

Ambassador Dr. Jamil

The writer is a former ambassador, senior analyst and international affairs expert.

The growing influence of China in the scenario of global diplomacy is not hidden from anyone, which was previously only visible on the economic horizon, but since the news of reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia became public, China’s influence has become clear on the political and diplomatic front as well.

For the past in several decades, Iran and Saudi Arabia have never come close and the diplomatic relations between the two countries have been subject to complications and misgivings, but China has proved on the contemporary regional and international political scene that it is an important part of such a bloc. It has become the most important and key country that has emerged on the global scene as a major power in the region.

Now China’s role in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has become more important than before, where the reputation of its membership is known to all. China has become part of a bloc that can be considered as the major powers in the region.

Saudi Arabia’s rich position in organizations like OIC and Arab League is also important. On the other hand, Israel and China are considered very good friendly countries. They have bilateral relations at all important levels, including trade and military cooperation, with seemingly no problems between the two.

It should also be noted that in the recent past, Israel had delivered military equipment to China, which the US had provided to Israel, and the US had expressed its displeasure with Israel.

Major changes are expected in the geopolitical situation of the region in the next few years, while the US also has its own interests in the region, for the protection of which the US will continue to use its diplomatic, economic and military resources.

The rapprochement of Saudi Arabia and Iran is also welcome for the regional countries and especially for us. Recently, the conflict between Saudi Arabia and the United States regarding the reduction of oil production has played a key role in changing the scenario of the region. Is this series going on and on in the future as well?

The United States, Israel and the allies have pushed hard to end Iran’s nuclear power and have also conducted exercises against Iran in the past few days, but when Saudi Arabia showed that these efforts were not beneficial, it emerged as a new power in the region. preferred to throw its weight into the fold of emerging China.

The most important part of American foreign policy is to limit China’s intervention and growing influence in the region, for which former President Donald Trump and the current Joe Biden government have also taken steps and this process may continue in the future.

After about 35 to 40 years, Russia got the opportunity to launch its ships in the Mediterranean Sea. China’s mediation initiative has brought many countries together, with the growing influence of the entire bloc in the region knocking back the US, its allies, NATO and the European Union.

In such a situation, to avoid any possible reaction from the West, the new allied countries will need economic and military cooperation from China, but also security measures. Currently, China may not be in this position, but very soon such steps may be taken by China and Russia.

In view of its other interests in the region, Israel wants to further expand its relations with more Muslim countries, including the Gulf countries, and its biggest interest is that all countries in the region, including Pakistan, recognize it as a state. .

The United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco and other countries already have bilateral relations with Israel, while the US has invested more than 4 trillion dollars in the region, which can be seen from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Especially in Afghanistan, the American army was imposed for 20 years.

In such a situation, the geopolitical situation of the region may take any direction in the future due to the mutual coordination, tension and conflict of other powers including India and Russia, which is afraid of the US’s hostile actions based on interference by the growing power of China in the region.

It used to be somewhat difficult for Pakistan to maintain a balance in the past, but now with the restoration of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan will not have much difficulty in adopting its clear position.

It is also possible that Pakistan will have to make major changes in its foreign policy. The current government under the leadership of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has to keep a close eye on all such points, ensure the protection of its interests and also needs to take steps to get out of the current economic crisis.

Translated by MM News editorial team. 

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