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Thursday 30th November 2023 / 16 Rabiulakhir 1445

Increased uric acid in blood may contribute to health problems: Study

LONDON: A new study has said that the extreme level of uric acid in the blood may significantly reduce the person’s chance of survival.

The increased uric acid level in the human body is quite a common problem today that can lead to several health problems, including gout, and kidney failure.

A high level of uric acid can reduce a person’s lifespan by up to 11 years. A high level of uric acid further led to serious medical conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more.

Kolkata-based nutritionist Mala Chatterjee recommended the omission of purine-rich food from the diet of a person with a high uric acid levels to lower the level of the same.  It is easily found in several plant and animal-based foods.

Here are nine foods one must avoid:



Red meat



Moong dal

Masoor dal




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