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In conversation with celebrity chef Shazia Noor

Who doesn’t just like to eat tasty and delicious food and also make them? The mushrooming of eateries, cafes, restaurants, and growing popularity of food shows have made cooking a career choice.

Chef Shazia Noor is known for her food skills and presentation. MM News invited her and spoke about becoming a chef and media personality.

 MM News: How did you come up with the idea of ​​becoming a chef?

Shazia Noor: I have been fond of cooking since my childhood. I also had a lot of toy utensils and use to play with them. My hobby became my profession. They say that where there is a will, there is a way out automatically.

MM News: What was the first dish you made and how old were you?

Shazia Noor: I made biryani at the age of 12.

MM News: Has something happened during a live show you couldn’t handle?

Shazia Noor: It’s been almost a year on TV but nothing like that has happened till today.

MM News: Has anything ever has confused you?

Shazia Noor: No, because there are hosts in my show. They talk the same thing and let me know we have missed this recipe.

MM News: Have you ever burnt food burn?

Shazia Noor: It is not burnt, but once during a live show, my dough did not rise but we covered it.

MM News: How you reduce extra salt in food?

Shazia Noor: I always try to put less salt in my food. If you add extra salt then you can dough balls and reduce it.

MM News: How did you get into media and then become a celebrity chef?

Shazia Noor: I participated in a competition in 2018 and came first. Then I completed my chef’s course and joined media.

MM News: How long was your chef course?

Shazia Noor: This diploma was for one year and it included all kinds of desi and continental food.

MM News: How is your favorite chef and who inspired you to cook?

Shazia Noor: James Martin is my favorite chef. I have also tried some of his dishes. In Pakistan, I like food by Samina and Rida.

MM News: If anyone asks for your recipe then do you tell them?

Shazia Noor: No, I do not change anything and I feel bad if someone changes the recipe.

MM News: What do you cook best and what does your son like about your food?

Shazia Noor: I can make everything well. My son likes brownies and Nihari very much.

MM News: Are you more interested in cooking or eating?

Shazia Noor: I am fond of cooking. I get full by listening to the praise of my food.

MM News: What does it take to be a successful chef?

Shazia Noor: Honesty is very important to be a successful chef.

MM News: Apart from cooking, what are your hobbies?

Shazia Noor: I do painting and everyone at home loves it.

MM News: Why didn’t you ever think of starting a food business from home?

Shazia Noor: I haven’t considered doing it from home, but have definitely thought to open my own cafe.

MM News: Do you focus on extra calories or low-calorie foods?

Shazia Noor: I cook balanced meals and do not prefer keto due to negative effects.

MM News: Do old vegetables and meat kept in the fridge affect taste of food?

Shazia Noor: Absolutely yes. Items kept in the fridge affect the food so fresh ones should always be used.

MM News: What do you like most about your kitchen?

Shazia Noor: I like my Karahi wok very much, the food cooked in it is very good.

MM News: What advice would you give on food presentation?

Shazia Noor: Presentation is very important. We should pay attention because people see it before eating.

MM News: How is your food presentation?

Shazia Noor: I use vegetables and also have flowers on the table. It makes a good impression.

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