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Fruitless Education

The education system in Pakistan was never allowed to flourish because the elites, landlords and vassals who occupied the powerhouse of the country from the very beginning believed that if the people got the light of consciousness, they could progress and gain access to power.

With the passage of time, education has become a compulsory and non-essential element of life, as today when a child of a poor man starts looking for a job even with a BA, B.Com or MA degree, he finds out. That educational credentials are nothing but pieces of paper.

When the education system of the country will not be compatible with the contemporary requirements, the students who have graduated from education will not be able to offer services under the industrial and business needs and this is the situation faced by today’s youth who are unemployed even with degrees.

Today, when a child stands up in his school, college or university and asks an academic question, instead of answering him, the teacher stares at him derisively and smiles.

I am sorry to say that the smile of the teacher staring instead of giving an answer feels poisonous to the student himself and he sits quietly in his seat after not getting an answer to the question. His question dies on its own.

It should be noted that in education and training, the importance of the question is the highest. If a child asks a question, it is the teacher’s duty to answer and explain it until he or she is satisfied.

If the student asks why algebra is taught in mathematics? What is the need to extract the sum of XYZ, differential, quotient or quotient? Can’t we simply run the job with statistics? So the teacher has to answer.

The teacher has to tell that the importance of differential addition through XYZ is to explain complex topics of astronomy and science and it solves numerous problems. If it were not for the summation of ABC, the development of science would have been possible only in ideas.

The students have to understand that if the distance from our galaxy to another galaxy is described simply in numbers, then we cannot tell or explain it with the help of the terms thousand, lakh, crore and billion, that’s why. The term light-year was introduced.

It is necessary that the people should not be deprived of their legitimate right i.e. education so that they can acquire real knowledge while meeting the contemporary requirements of the present era and play their own role in the development of their country and nation. In this case, the country can develop.

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