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IDF have killed Israeli civilians at 7 October rave, police find

A police investigation of the Nova music festival massacre on October 7 indicates that the IDF mistakenly shot some festival attendees while firing at Hamas militants.

Israeli investigators have concluded that Hamas fighters who crossed the boundary from Gaza that day had no prior knowledge of the music festival held near Kibbutz Re’im, an Israeli colonial settlement a few kilometers east of Gaza, the Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz reported on Saturday.

“According to a police source, the investigation also shows that an IDF combat helicopter that arrived to the scene and fired at militants there apparently also hit some festival participants,” Haaretz states.

The helicopter incident at the festival did not specify the number of attendees killed or injured. The police investigation, as reported by Haaretz, marks the first official acknowledgment by Israeli authorities that some civilians were killed by Israeli forces on and after October 7.

Recent weeks have seen a growing body of evidence supporting this acknowledgment. Key testimony from Yasmin Porat, an Israeli survivor of the Kibbutz Be’eri massacre, highlights that numerous Israeli civilians lost their lives when Israeli forces, using heavy weaponry including tank shells, opened fire on the small kibbutz house where they were held by Palestinian fighters. Porat emphasized that, up until that point, the Palestinian fighters had treated the Israeli civilians “humanely.”

The psychedelic trance festival, attended by approximately 3,500 people located three miles from the Gaza border, experienced both fatalities and the abduction of numerous attendees who were taken to Gaza.

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