ICC slaps eight-year ban on former Zimbabwe captain Streak

ZIMBABWE: International Cricket Council (ICC) has slapped an eight-year ban on former Zimbabwe captain Heath Streak for corruption dating back to his coaching stints with the national team and in several Twenty20 leagues.

Heath Streak 47, admitted five breaches of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) anti-corruption code and agreed on the sanction, the ICC said in a statement on Wednesday.

Alex Marshall, ICC General Manager of Integrity Unit said, “As a former captain and coach, he held a position of trust and owed a duty to uphold the integrity of the game.”

Alex Marshall further said Heath Streak breached the Code on several occasions, including facilitating the approach of four other players. At times, he also sought to obstruct and delay our investigation, the official added.

“The offenses did not affect the outcomes of any relevant matches and Mr. Streak has agreed to assist the ICC anti-corruption education program…” Marshall said.

“He has also expressed his remorse and contrition and entered this agreed sanction decision to avoid the need for a full disciplinary process.”

The charges against him included revealing inside information, which could be used for betting purposes.

Another charge was accepting payment in bitcoins from a potential corrupter and failing to disclose it to any anti-corruption officials.

“Heath Streak is an experienced former international cricketer and national team coach, who had participated in numerous anti-corruption education sessions and was fully aware of his responsibilities under the Code,” Marshall added.

Streak’s admission of the charges means no anti-corruption tribunal hearing would be required.

The games under scanner included several international matches in 2018 as well as matches in Twenty20 leagues in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The Indian cricket board did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.