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Monday 23rd May 2022 / 21 Shawwal 1443

I left Zoya, says Christian Betzmann on ending relationship with Zebaish actress

German vlogger Christian Betzmann who recently split from actress Zoya Nasir has revealed that he was the one who left the actress and ended all relations with Zoya himself.

It all started when Christian Betzmann slammed Pakistanis as in a series of stories on Instagram, the Vlogger pointed out how Pakistanis would come on the street and support the Palestine issue but remain silent for their own country. “How come I have never seen any of you on the streets protesting here in Pakistan? For your own country?” he asserted.

Soon after his post, Zoya officially announced that she and Betzman have parted ways after his insensitive remarks towards Pakistan. However, this news shook the internet and many people supported both actress and the vlogger.

However one of the users wrote, “We know you are very sad because your fianc and your friends have left you alone while thousands of people are criticizing you,” he wrote. Another one wrote, “Don’t worry because there is no ointment bigger than time.”

To which the vlogger responded, “Zoya did not leave me, but I ended my relationship with her myself.” He added, “The story behind Zoya’s departure is very different.”

It should be noted that the German vlogger had recently converted to Islam after Zoya Nasir got engaged to him. Moreover, in April, one of Zoya’s close friends and a well-known YouTuber Shahveer Jafry also arranged a surprise ‘dholki’ for both of them.

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